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We help the unfortunate

We are a Nigerian NGO



Research on migration and human trafficking
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Migration and returns from Europe constitute a human capital to be relocated to each individual with strong professionalism and knowledge


Women and children in severe survival situations need care and treatment from hospitals.
Our MAC service is for urgent cases only.


our help in the field of communication for NGOs that request it is managed by professionals working in journalism, television, publishing and audiovisual production


through collaboration with vocational training schools, we are able to organize Italian language and vocational courses for talented and less fortunate young people to face real job opportunities together

Vocational training is an important tool for young Nigerians to acquire the necessary skills to secure a position in a company abroad. Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) has an important role to play in promoting their integration into the labor market and in combating poverty. In fact, TVET systems are undergoing a transition across Africa, as highlighted by some important synergies and innovative practices supported by IIEP-UNESCO 1.

Vocational training develops practical, immediately relevant skills which opens doors in the job market. Vocational learners acquire both theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills, which better equips them for the workplace. By providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to enter these industries, vocational training can help bridge the skills gap and promote the country’s long-term economic development.

In a context where the informal economy is prevalent and the labor market is highly volatile, the mismatch between available skills and the needs of the economy is an obstacle for employment and growth.


We support Nigerian hospitals applying for medicines

Thanks to our Italian subsidiary, we have the ability to be able to get medicines from Europe for all hospitals that request them. A donation that makes our association proud to be able to help doctors in their help towards the most fragile population.

Mater Africa for International Cooperation (AMACI)

Mater Africa for International Cooperation (in italian language Mater Africa per la Cooperazione Internazionale) is an Italian nonprofit organization that aims to provide humanitarian aid to the needy in Nigeria. The organization was founded in 2008 and is based in Italy.

The organization’s mission is to help those in need of medical care, education and food for women and children in the villages and suburbs of Nigeria. They document conditions in the area where they work and the status of projects through films, reports and documentaries to raise awareness in the West.

Mater Africa for International Cooperation provides humanitarian aid through direct action without intermediaries thnks to Mater Africa ngo Nigeria.

MATER AFRICA FOR HUMANITARIAN AID INITIATIVE – Headquarter: 2, Igun Street – Benin City, EDO State, Nigeria
We are also in : Lagos, Lokoja, Abuja.